I’m Amanda Kuebler.

I was born and raised in the midwest, with a brief detour in Texas, while my dad pursued a career in the Army. Illinois is my home, but I’ve only been to Chicago a handful of times. (I really hate traffic.)

My backyard is a cornfield and the closest Wal-Mart is over 30 miles away.

I’m a former nursing student, dental technician, and lifelong caregiver.

I’m a total dreamer and love the potential that the future offers. I appreciate both beautiful and unusual things. And I’ve always been in love with the magic of creating. Writing, drawing, cooking, and design feed my soul.

I’ve known since I was little that my purpose in life is to help others. I work to give others more time to pursue their dreams, reach their goals, and live the life they were meant to have.

I love meeting new, interesting people, but I’m not a fan of crowds. I’m the friend you call when you want to grab a cup of coffee and talk about your problems or your aspirations. I love talking shop with other moms and other online business owners. They are simply the best kinds of people.


Over the past decade, I have held a variety of positions that make me your ideal right-hand (wo)man.

I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries, including in my own small companies, where I am not just the owner, but also the copywriter, designer, scheduler, bookkeeper, and marketer. I’m not only used to wearing many hats, I really enjoy it.

I have extensive experience with social media and I am (a tad) obsessed with creating social media graphics. I have experience creating graphics with Canva, PicMonkey, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and PowerPoint. I also have e-book and PDF experience.

I am a life-long learner and if I do not understand a system, I have been known to spend hours researching how to use it and get the most of it. I love the challenge of learning new things and using as many new and incredible technologies as possible.

I find that best quality work starts in the details. I believe in applying the same level of attention to detail whether a task requires intensive design skills to produce a stellar digital presentation or simply crafting a thoughtful email in response to a question.

My schedule is flexible and I respond to emails and chat very quickly. When you are my client, your business matters to me as much as my own.